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  • BuildersBotanical Gin
    Our Irish immigrant ancestors have taught us that you can’t build anything that will stand the test of time without a strong foundation. That’s why our unique, hand-crafted gin is made from only the best ingredients around.
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  • Stone BreakerBlended Whiskey
    Stone Breaker Whiskey honors the legacy of our Irish craftsman forefathers. This premium spirit is a blend of four-year finished imported Irish whiskey and our very own malt whiskey twice distilled in traditional pot stills.
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  • Duffy's RunVodka
    A good Irishman never shies from hard work or a quality spirit, and the 57 who laid the tracks of the famous Duffy’s Cut are no exception. We’ve put the same dedication into our hard-working vodka, inspired by the men who kept our nation moving forward.
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  • Sons of ErinIrish Whiskey
    Irish folklore suggests that Erin, the nickname for Ireland, was given to the Emerald Isle by the ancient Milesians to honor their mythological goddess Ériu. To pay tribute to all those of Irish descent, we proudly offer this very special four-year Irish Whiskey.
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  • Sons of Erin 15-YearIrish Whiskey
    Sons of Erin is aged 15 years in bourbon casks, then finished in apple brandy casks. On the nose, this whiskey delivers delicate green apple notes followed by honey sweetness on the palate, a rich pot-still texture and a long finish with returning hints of green apple. Enjoy it with your friends and create your own legendary fables.
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  • GullytownWhiskey
    Kansas City’s first single malt whiskey is
    aged in two barrels — new charred oak and
    an oak bourbon cask. Working hard in tandem, they ensure that every delightful sip is
    truly legendary.
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  • Padraig's RebellionPoitin
    Padraig Pearse was a schoolteacher and poet who helped lead the Irish Rebellion against the crown in 1916 in the heart of Dublin. To honor him, we crafted a flavorful spirit that proves powerful punches can come from
    unexpected places.
Our Inspiration

Our hand-crafted collection of spirits is inspired by the immigration of our Irish ancestors to America. we try to honor their craftmanship and creativity that helped build Kansas City since the 1890’s. their adventurous spirts live on every day at the distillery.

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Our spirits are available at various liquor stores and bars throughout Missouri and Kansas. For more information, enter your zipcode for our latest distribution locations.
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