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Shannon Family Story

A History in the Making

  1. 1853
    The Arrival
    Michael Joseph Shannon flees from Ireland during the Great Irish Famine and arrives in America.
  2. 1867
    The Move
    The Shannon family moves to Kansas City to work on the Intercontinental Railroad.
  3. 1894
    The Rivalry
    Representing the 9th ward, Shannonville, they get involved in local politics. They are known as the “Rabbits.” Their rivals are the “Goats.”
  4. 1905
    The Business
    Nellie and Oliver Shannon become the family’s first business owners, founding the Shannon Storage and Moving Company.
  5. 1965
    The Genius
    Clarence Shannon Sr. uses the family knack for innovation to develop the oxygen tanks used on several Apollo spacecrafts.
  6. 2016
    The Beginning
    Following the adventurous spirits of their ancestors, Benay and Michael Shannon establish Restless Spirits Distilling Co.

Born to Distill
Introducing our Fearless Founders
  • President & Founder Mike Shannon

    Michael Shannon is a 5th generation Kansas City Native of Irish descent – his great-great grandfather Michael Joseph Shannon, and great-great Grandmother Ellen Harte-Shannon, came to America from Ireland in 1853. Michael Joseph labored on the expanding Transcontinental Railroad and eventually settled in Kansas City by 1890. The family has been in Kansas City ever since. Mike’s great-grandfather, Oliver Shannon, owned a business in KC known as Shannon Storage & Moving Company. His rich Irish-American heritage is the cornerstone of the brands and stories that make up the Restless Spirits family of spirits. Mike is a long-time brand and product development expert – having worked with well-known brands including Bic, Newell Rubbermaid, H&R Block, and Avery-Dennison. He has the international consulting experience and has facilitated the import of numerous products into the US market from the UK and Ireland.

  • Vice President & Head Distiller Benay Shannon

    Benay Shannon is a science teacher turned distiller. She is the Co-Founder, Co-Owner, and Master Distiller at Restless Spirits Distilling Company. Benay is mostly self-taught but has a passion for research and perfection. She is dedicated to crafting spirits that she enjoys tasting and that she is proud to share. Her skills have earned numerous awards, including Missouri Distillery of the Year every year since Restless Spirits opened in 2016.

  • Founder & Co-Owner John Boettcher

    John is a second-generation small business owner in the revenue cycle management industry. John spent his career wearing many different hats in the family business with his emphasis being in sales and marketing. John and Mike met in their teens working retail which led to a lifelong friendship. While both Mike and John's career paths took different directions, their bond of friendship and love of good Irish whiskey lead them to explore, eventually founding the Restless Spirits Distilling Company alongside Mike's wife, Benay.

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